Legend of the Seeker Inspired Slots

Legend of the Seeker was a TV series that ran for two seasons from 2008 to 2010. Based on Terry Goodkind’s series of novels entitled The Sword of the Truth, the show follows adventures of Richard Cypher (played by Craig Horner) who is the “Seeker of Truth” and several other characters who play an important role in this imaginary world.

The TV series loosely follows the plotline from the book although many events have been added or altered in the script. The Seeker and his allies take on a quest to set the world right again by defeating dark forces that threaten its very existence.

The theme of the series is nothing we haven’t seen before and it has been adapted in many different ways over the years in books and TV shows. Legend of the Seeker is a story about a young man who discovers that he must follow the path the destiny has ordained for him and he doesn’t have much say in the matter.

But it’s not just TV shows and books that were inspired by such themes. There are also quite a few casino slots out there that are also based on such topics. If this is something you’d be interested in, here’s a few suggestions.

The Sword and the Grail Slot

Developed by Play’n GO, The Sword and the Grail slot is an exciting game that offers potential for some truly extraordinary wins. It is inspired by another story of destiny and search for the truth – the famous legend of the Holy Grail. Featuring symbols such as knights, wizards, and fair ladies as well as upbeat soundtrack, this game will quickly capture your attention.

Like the name suggests, this slot is all about swords and grails. Landing three sword symbols anywhere on the reels initiates a bonus round with several stages. During the first stage, all grail symbols are wild and double your winnings. But as you collect more sword symbols in the bonus, you’ll get to unlock new stages, with wild multipliers increasing to 5x, 10x, and, if you’re lucky enough to reach the end, 100x!

There are many places where you can give this game a try for free and see how you like it without risking a single cent. To play The Sword and the Grail and discover other exciting games click here for a list of the most popular pokies.

Sword of Destiny

Sword of Destiny is a slot developed by Bally Technologies. Featuring bright colors and truly amazing graphics, this game will take you to a fantasy world unlike anything you’ve seen before and give you a chance to enjoy an adventure that never ends. Embodying several different legends mixed together, this slot is a perfect pick for all Legend of the Seeker fans.

Landing X-Zone scatters in the base game will trigger a bonus round with eight free spins and all winnings doubled. Expanding wilds and growing reels adding new paylines will ensure every single spin you play on Sword of Destiny is an exciting one. And, if all that isn’t enough, there is a jackpot ladder you can climb to win awesome prizes.

Shields of the Wild

Developed by NextGen Gaming, Shields of the Wild is another slot that lets you embark on an exciting adventure set in a world quite similar to the one featured in your favorite TV series. Transparent reels on a backdrop of a remote and desolate area with the sun setting help set the perfect atmosphere for what’s to come.

Landing three sword scatter symbols triggers the Marching feature with high value symbols stacked on the reels, creating opportunities for big wins. On top of this, the game also has the hidden Shield Wall feature, which can add plenty of wild shields symbols onto the reels, connecting paylines all over the place.

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the hollywood reporter / fall 2010

On Friday, August 20th, “The Hollywood Reporter” will be in the newsstands with the fans’ Save Our Seeker full page, B&W; advertisement.

With the 2010/2011 fall season beginning shortly, and with recent changes made to ABC Studios management, the project group felt getting a new ad published was very important. The primary target audience of the advert is industry executives.


original advertisement campaign

Soon after Ausiello reported that Legend of the Seeker would be cancelled, fans began mobilizing for show saving efforts. Many ideas were thrown around, from mass mailing of letters or show-related items to publicity stunts.

The idea of publishing an ad in a trade magazine, inspired by previous successful fan efforts for shows like Jericho, was shared by Kate/halfabubble and overnight the suggestion matured into a full blown project – organized and executed by a group of five individuals, but made possible by the support of hundreds.

$6,244, the goal for the first ad in Daily Variety, was raised in less than 72 hours. Fandom artists submitted their work, fans voted, and the winning ad (by Tarlanciel) was submitted for publication within a week of the beginning of the project. The second ad, also by Tarlanciel, followed a week later in The Hollywood Repo



DVD Donation Drive

The Campaign

We are proud to announce Terry Goodkind‘s collaboration with the “Save Our Seeker” campaign, to bring you a new endeavor in our continued quest for Season 3 of Legend of the Seeker.

While our main goal with the ads was to attract the attention of the media and network executives, as well as reach as many new viewers as possible, in our second project, we will be organizing a massive DVD Donation Drive to public libraries.

We believe that a DVD Donation Drive is a win-win situation all around, introducing “Legend of the Seeker” to perhaps several thousands of new fans, increasing the profitability of the show for Disney by driving up sales, and opening the door to some very favorable publicity that goes beyond genre media.


Our goal is to donate at least 250 copies of “Legend of the Seeker” Season 1 DVDs. Donations will be open from May 16th until May 30th, aiming to raise another $10,000, which would cover the 250 DVDs as well as expenses incurred from shipping and campaign incentives.

Fandom Input

We will poll fandom members for cities that should receive the donations. More information will be posted once we get closer to reaching our goal.


Donate $100 or more to this project, you will receive a copy of “Legend of the Seeker” Season 1 on DVD, signed and personalized by Terry Goodkind.

Donations to the previous project will count as long as your total donated is $150 or more between the two campaigns. For example, if you donated $70 dollars to the Advert Campaign, you can qualify for a personalized copy of Season 1 DVDs by donating another $80 to this project.

Once you make your qualifying donation, forward your PayPal receipt(s) along with your name and address to [email protected]. Time allotted for receipt of your personalized copy may vary.