DVD Donation Drive

The Campaign

We are proud to announce Terry Goodkind‘s collaboration with the “Save Our Seeker” campaign, to bring you a new endeavor in our continued quest for Season 3 of Legend of the Seeker.

While our main goal with the ads was to attract the attention of the media and network executives, as well as reach as many new viewers as possible, in our second project, we will be organizing a massive DVD Donation Drive to public libraries.

We believe that a DVD Donation Drive is a win-win situation all around, introducing “Legend of the Seeker” to perhaps several thousands of new fans, increasing the profitability of the show for Disney by driving up sales, and opening the door to some very favorable publicity that goes beyond genre media.


Our goal is to donate at least 250 copies of “Legend of the Seeker” Season 1 DVDs. Donations will be open from May 16th until May 30th, aiming to raise another $10,000, which would cover the 250 DVDs as well as expenses incurred from shipping and campaign incentives.

Fandom Input

We will poll fandom members for cities that should receive the donations. More information will be posted once we get closer to reaching our goal.


Donate $100 or more to this project, you will receive a copy of “Legend of the Seeker” Season 1 on DVD, signed and personalized by Terry Goodkind.

Donations to the previous project will count as long as your total donated is $150 or more between the two campaigns. For example, if you donated $70 dollars to the Advert Campaign, you can qualify for a personalized copy of Season 1 DVDs by donating another $80 to this project.

Once you make your qualifying donation, forward your PayPal receipt(s) along with your name and address to [email protected]. Time allotted for receipt of your personalized copy may vary.