Watch, Buy, Support

There are many ways to support the Save Our Seeker campaign. Below are a few, easy ways:

  • Tell your friends about ‘Legend of the Seeker’. Use social networks as much as you can.
  • Stream the show on a streaming service such as Netflix or Hulu – if available in your area.
  • Buy or gift an episode on iTunes or Amazon Instant Video.
  • Purchase or gift the DVDs. Buying the ‘Legend of the Seeker’ DVDs on Amazon (US only) via this URL contributes a referral bonus to our campaign.
  • Purchase the Emmy award-winning soundtrack.Watch, Buy, Support
  • Volunteer at a fan table. Learn more about promoting the show and “The Sword of Truth” series at a convention on our Convention page.
  • Ask your local library to purchase the Legend of the Seeker DVDs if they don’t have them already. Most libraries have an online suggestion form, or an email to contact them.
  • Contact the TV critic of your local newspaper (especially if you’re familiar with his/her column). See sample letter.