About Legend of the Seeker

From executive producers Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert comes this live-action series based on Terry Goodkind’s bestselling epic fantasy series “The Sword of Truth”. “Legend of the Seeker” series follows the extraordinary transformation of woodsman Richard Cypher into a magical leader who joins with a mysterious, beautiful woman to stop bloodthirsty, sinister tyrants.

Produced by ABC Studios, “Legend of the Seeker” aired in North America as first-run syndication. With little to no promotion, and an erratic airing schedule, the show averaged 3.6 million viewers during its first month of airing, won an Emmy Award for “Outstanding Music Composition for a Series” (2009), received an Emmy Nomination for “Outstanding Main Title Theme Music” (2010), and made it to “TV Guide Most Popular TV Shows” (2011).

On April 26th 2010, Ausiello reported that the show would be cancelled as the Tribune Company/WGN America had not purchased distribution for season 3. The Tribune Company owned 35% of the affiliates that aired the show in the U.S., making up a large percentage of the total number of affiliates that aired ‘Legend of the Seeker’.

Fans decided to take action in an effort to encourage ABC Studios and other potential networks to pick up the series for a third season. And the fan campaign got a boost early on thank to the support of Terry Goodkind, the beloved author of “The Sword of Truth” book series which ‘Legend of the Seeker’ is based on. Mr. Goodkind provided a public statement of support and signed DVDs for part of the project fundraiser.

A note from Terry Goodkind