After two ads on Daily Variety and The Hollywood Reporter in mid 2010, the Project Group continued to coordinate multiple save “Legend of the Seeker” campaigns, organizing fan presence at genre conventions – with fan tables, panels and cosplay groups Legend of the Seeker DVD Library drives for Season 1 and Season 2, exploring more advertisement opportunities and offering collectibles through contests and auctions to aid in fundraising.

Fans are attempting to crowdfund a “Legend of the Seeker” movie emulating the “Veronica Mars” project, which raised $5.7M with over 90,000 backers on to make a movie.

Last February, Craig Horner wrote on twitter and Facebook that ‘Legend of the Seeker’ could come back with a movie produced by Sam Raimi. and fans are currently reaching out to Mr. Raimi in hopes that he’ll take the lead with the production.

Read the statement from Terry Goodkind on Facebook (screenshot below).

Below is the list of other current and past project:

Project - Legend of the Seeker