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When on April 26th 2010, Ausiello reported that “Legend of the Seeker” would be cancelled due to the Tribune Company/WGN America not renewing distribution for season 3, fans decided to take action in an effort to encourage ABC Studios and other potential networks to pick up the series for a third season. And the fan campaign got a boost early on thank to the support of Terry Goodkind, the beloved author of “The Sword of Truth” book series which ‘Legend of the Seeker’ is based on. Mr. Goodkind provided a public statement of support and signed DVDs for part of the project fundraiser.

Legend of the Seeker fans were inspired by the previous successes of ‘Chuck,’ ‘Jericho,’ ‘Firefly,’ ‘Star Trek,’ and ‘Farscape’ – all shows that had been saved by their loyal followers. Mr. Goodkind’s support doubled that inspiration!


Over the past four years, Legend of the Seeker fans have raised and spent over $40,000 to promote the show with:

    • Ads in ‘Daily Variety’ and ‘The Hollywood Reporter.’ [view]
    • Organized fan presence at genre conventions such as Comic-Con International (San Diego), DragonCon (Atlanta), NY Comic-Con (New York), WonderCon (San Francisco), RingCon (Bonn, Germany) and many others around the world with fan tables, panels, costume parades, parties, and more.
    • Tear away poster ads at genre conventions. [view]
    • iTunes episode giveaways at Comic-Con International (San Diego), DragonCon (Atlanta), NY Comic-Con (New York), WonderCon (San Francisco), RingCon (Bonn, Germany).
    • Online banner ads on Facebook and Google. [view]
    • 400+ Season 1 and Season 2 ‘Legend of the Seeker’ DVDs donated to public libraries in the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. [view]
    • Bus shelter ad in Burbank, CA in proximity of ABC/Disney Studios. [view]
    • Beautiful, heartfelt fan videos [view]
    • Over the May 1st, 2010 weekend, #SaveOurSeeker trended number 6 worldwide on Twitter, and #LegendOfTheSeeker, number 2 worldwide.

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