Even after 4 years since the show’s cancellation, the Save Our Seeker campaign is still remarkably active.Craig Horner Tweet

Fans are attempting to crowdfund a “Legend of the Seeker” movie emulating the “Veronica Mars” project, which raised $5.7M with over 90,000 backers on to make a movie.

Last February, Craig Horner wrote on twitter and Facebook that ‘Legend of the Seeker’ could come back with a movie produced by Sam Raimi. and fans are currently reaching out to Mr. Raimi in hopes that he’ll take the lead with the production.

How You Can Help

  1. Write a letter or card to Sam Raimi to let him know that you would support a crowdfunding project. The higher the volume of letters to Sam Raimi, the better our chances to revive “Seeker”. Remember: a photo is worth a thousand words. Include your photo with the show DVDs if you have them. Or if you’ve attended a convention, include pictures of the Seeker fan table or a Legend of the Seeker star or cosplay. And above all, tell Sam Raimi what the show means to you. Make it personal!If ‘Legend of the Seeker’ is airing in your country (or is available via a streaming/download service), let him know.
    Need ideas for your letter? Check out the letter template in the Useful Links section below.
    Sam Raimi
    Ghost House Pictures
    315 S Beverly Drive, Ste 216
    Beverly Hills CA, 90212
  2. Please spread the word. We believe that there are over 15 million fans (conservative estimate) and we know thousands would contribute money to fund a movie.

Useful Links & What Other Fans Mailed