Soon after Ausiello reported that Legend of the Seeker would be cancelled, fans began mobilizing for show saving efforts. Many ideas were thrown around, from mass mailing of letters or show-related items to publicity stunts.The idea of publishing an ad in a trade magazine, inspired by previous successful fan efforts for shows like Jericho, was shared by Kate/halfabubble and overnight the suggestion matured into a full blown project – organized and executed by a group of five individuals, but made possible by the support of hundreds.$6,244, the goal for the first ad in Daily Variety, was raised in less than 72 hours. Fandom artists submitted their work, fans voted, and the winning ad (by Tarlanciel) was submitted for publication within a week of the beginning of the project. The second ad, also by Tarlanciel, followed a week later in The Hollywood Reporter.

The Hollywood Reporter

May 14th, 2010 Editionsmall_thr
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Daily Variety

May 7th, 2010 Edition ad_variety
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