Below are the questions SaveOurSeeker.com typically receives via email and social networks in order of frequency. We love getting your emails, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions/concerns/kudos/etc.

What can I do to help bring the show back?
This is just a short list of activities you can help with:

  • Write to Sam Raimi. Please visit our crowdfunding page for details about this project.
  • Tell your friends about the show. Use social networks as much as you can.
  • Stream the show on Netflix, Hulu or any other streaming service available in your area.
  • Buy or gift an episode(s) on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video or other similar service. You can find a partial list on this page.
  • Purchase or gift the DVDs.
  • Volunteer at a fan table or organize a table. The convention calendar is continuously updated at this wiki.

Is there any hope that a 3rd season will be produced?
There’s always hope, and at this time, SaveOurSeeker.com and fans are contacting Sam Raimi in hopes to crowdfund a movie. Other shows were brought back by fans before (e.g. Chuck, Firefly, The XFiles movies), or are being brought back because they’re having a successful afterlife on DVD (Family Guy), or online (Arrested Development); see this article. Here’s a quote from a statement by Terry Goodkind: “You guys (SOS campaign in particular) are doing an incredible job. Almost entirely because of your efforts, I have not heard any reason why the doors that have been closed on LOTS could not be reopened. The very reason most of the language about the show’s cancellation has been non-definitive and generally vague is because of your effort.”

What is SaveOurSeeker.com doing to help bring back Legend of the Seeker?
We’re currently working on these 3 main projects:

  1. We are sending letters to Sam Raimi, and we’ve sent a photo album documenting the history of the SOS campaign.
  2. Organizing or supporting fan tables at conventions around the world. The updated convention calendar is on this wiki
  3. Past projects are listed here.

Why was ‘Legend of the Seeker’ cancelled?
Due to financial issues, Tribune, the major distributor of ‘Legend of the Seeker,’ decided not to renew the series. ABC Studios, which produced Legend of the Seeker, explored other options, and unfortunately, an apparent deal with Syfy fell through.

I’m planning on buying the DVD sets for the series. Can I can buy them somewhere that would show my interest or help the campaign?
Buying the ‘Legend of the Seeker’ DVDs on Amazon via this URL contributes a referral bonus to our campaign. Also, any other products you may add to your cart before checkout contributes such bonus. The DVDs are available in many countries, and purchasing a box set anywhere helps the show.

Can I help the campaign if I cannot donate money?
Below is a list of campaign activities that won’t cost you any money (or just a postage stamp).

  • Send a letter or card to Sam Raimi.
  • Sign this online petition.
  • If you are in a country where Netflix and/or Hulu are available, please watch the show online.
  • Ask your local library to purchase the Legend of the Seeker DVDs if they don’t have them already. Most libraries have an online suggestion form, or an email to contact them.
  • Contact the TV critic of your local newspaper (especially if you’re familiar with his/her column). See sample letter.
  • Tell your friends about the show in person or via the social network sites, such as Facebook.

Do you know the address for the actors’ fan mail?
You can find some of the fan mail addresses of the cast and crew on the fan mail page.

Where can I buy official ‘Legend of the Seeker’ merchandise?
The only official merchandise available are the ‘Legend of the Seeker’ DVDs. You can find them on our Amazon Store. You can also find ‘Sword of Truth’ official merchandise on the Terry Goodkind Store. Keep an eye on his store, or his Facebook page for merchandise announcements.